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The End of the Decade

With only a few days left of this decade I am doing what many people do and am reflecting about 2019 and what 2020 may bring. After re-reading my last blog post I found the tone to be a mix of mopey and wistful and have been considering what thoughts were going with the emotions I had when writing. (How mindful am I after finishing my Mindful Mood Cowl?!) Picture of my lovely Mindful Mood Cowl and the yummy biscuits Isabel and I made for Santa. I realised that I felt that I had not accomplished what I wanted to design-wise in 2019 and that I had too many projects on the go. This is often my default setting...but WHY do I feel that way and then resort to casting on another project? I always have so many ideas - I have a notebook filled with them - and so whenever I am working on a new design idea I am often impatient to start the next one; and quite often do. Then there is the fact that it takes longer to knit a pattern that is self-designed than it is to make something from an

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